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Saturday Afternoon Performance

*Thursday the 2nd at 4:15*

Sat 9:00 Kindergym

Sat 10:15 Mini Movers

*Thursday the 2nd at 4:30*

Sr Hip Hop Co

Sat 10:00 Gym

Mon 5:00 Mini Movers

*Thursday the 2nd at 4:45*

Sr Modern CO

Olivia & Taylor Duo

Sat 9:45 Shinning Stars

*Thursday the 2nd at 5:00*

Sat 9:00 Ballet I

Tue 4:00 Ballet II

Mon 4:15 Ballet III

*Thursday the 2nd at 5:15*

Thur 6:45 Gym

Katrina Solo

Sr Jazz Co

Paige Solo

*Thursday the 2nd at 5:30*

Thur 4:15 Kindergym

Sat 10:45 Gym

Freda Solo

Sat 10:45 Hip Hop

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