Sitting Ballerina

Comprehensive Dance Programs

Best for Ages 6 & up

  • Broadway Dance: (45 minute combination Tap & Jazz class for ages 6 & 7)                               Your child is going to enjoy this combination class and begin to grow as a dancer. We will be encouraging them each step of the way. They will be gaining confidence, learning new skills and creating friendships.        Dress code: Black leotard, tan tights, black tap shoes, black jazz shoes.

  • Tap: (45 minutes)  Age 7 and up. Tap dancing includes training in

        rhythms and technique. Dress Code: Black leotard, tan tights, and
        black tap shoes.

  • Jazz: (45 minutes) Age 7 and up. An American art form and an international phenomenon! Jazz music has a rich artistic heritage, a product of cultural collaboration and a universal language of tolerance and freedom. Dress code: Any color leotard, any color tights/leggins, shorts, and black jazz shoes.

  • Ballet: (45 minutes) Age 6 and up. Ballet is the foundation of all
    forms of dance. It is where students learn proper body alignment,
    balance, and placement. Graded fundamental technique is taught.
    Dress Code: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Advanced
    students will be placed in 60- 90 minute classes.

  • Pointe: (30-60 minutes) teens who meet pointe requirements will be
    placed by instructor. Pointe requires multi year commitment of ballet
    classes. Dress code: Black leotard, pink tights, pointe shoes.

  • Hip Hop: (45 minutes) Age 7 and up. Hip Hop permeates our
    culture, and has a unique "street style". Age appropriate music is
    used. Dress code: Exercise wear, T Shirts,  black non-street sneakers.

  • Modern: (45 minutes) Age 9 and up. A blend of ballet and jazz with
    an emphasis on free expression, improvisation, and dramatic
    movement. Dress code: Any leotard, foot Undeez.

Interested in learning more? Get in contact with a member of our team, we’re happy to answer any questions you have.